Tinnitus – Ringing In Left Ear

Ringing In Left Ear Explained

Ringing in left ear is one of the thousands of sounds that are quite irritating to listen to… not only because it’s persistent. It can go on, not just for hours, but for days, months or even years. It’s typically a high-pitched ringing sound, but it can also change to beeping, buzzing, crackling, pulsing or even whistling; all depending on the individual and their situation.


What Is Ringing In Left Ear

A constant ringing in left ear is a medical condition generally called tinnitus. The ringing sound can also develop only in the right ear or in both ears at the same time. In fact it’s very common – probably all of us experience a ringing noise in the ear at times.

We can sometimes hear high-pitched ringing in the ears after a loud noise, and we might also hear buzzing or pulsing after getting upset about something.

Tinnitus becomes a real problem when the sound doesn’t go away and the ringing becomes permanent, or keeps getting louder. You literally can’t take a break from it and it becomes the burden of your life.

It’s not always easy to discover the underlying causes of the condition, because there are just so many possibilities, including physical, emotional or even psychosomatic impacts. The intensity of sound can also vary a great deal, from gentle humming or ringing, 24 hours a day, through loud undistinguishable noise to horrible pain. Without support it can become intolerable.

Like many people, you might actually have been experiencing a mild ringing in left ear for years without really noticing it. What happens is that we get used to it, just like someone growing up near a train station. Our mind has a natural ability to select what it will pay attention to, so when someone is persistently exposed to a low-level noise, the mind stops paying attention and the sound becomes “part of the background scenery”, allowing the person to live a fairly normal life (at least from an outsider’s perspective).

Who Suffers From Ringing In Left Ear

Today, ringing in left ear (inner ear tinnitus) in any form affects at least one in every five people worldwide. Constant, 24-hour mild ringing in the ears affects about 10% of the population.

Although statistics reveal that Caucasian men over 60 are most likely to get tinnitus, the latest research shows that noises in the ears can occur within any age or ethnic group; even quite young children can suffer from it – what a horrible idea.

If this is the first time you’ve experienced a ringing in left ear, there’s no need to abandon hope! Take time to look into possible forms of treatment, because for many people tinnitus can improve with a suitable form of care. The highest rates of success have been among sufferers who backed up their therapy with changes in their diet or by taking relevant health supplements in order to completely re-balance the organism.

Where To Get Help

  You should start by asking your doctor to point you in the direction of any healthcare community or tinnitus association (e.g. American Tinnitus Association, Tinnitus Association of Canada, British Tinnitus Association etc.). They help people who suffer from any form of tinnitus to understand the condition and cope with it.

Often they have helpline advisers, who have years of experience talking to people with ringing in the ears. In many cases they can put you in touch with a support group or contact if there is one in your area.

Online forums are another great place to find support. Tinnitus sufferers are usually very willing to share any tips they’ve found helpful.

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